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Yuneec and Mobilicom form Strategic Partnership for the Commercial & Federal Drone Market

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Yuneec International and Mobilicom have entered into a strategic partnership to offer the Enterprise and Federal market new advanced solutions for their unmanned aerial needs. New drone solutions that are optimal for long-range, non-line-of-sight, beyond-line of sight and urban operations within applications including Security, Public Safety, Disaster Relief, and Naval Operations.

Yuneec International and Mobilicom have entered into a strategic partnership to offer the Enterprise and Federal market new advanced solutions for their unmanned aerial needs. The cooperation focuses on the development of two innovative Commercial and Federal drone solutions, based on Yuneec´s commercially proven hexacopter H520, well-known for its high reliability, safety and precision, and Mobilicom´s innovate SkyHopper and LTE technology. Both sUAS, which will be called H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE, will incorporate high-end cyber security and encryption, dedicated frequencies and interference-avoidance capabilities and will be offered as customizable, flexible and scalable end-to-end solutions. The technology was validated by an official government agency, the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

“In listening to the needs of our Commercial & Federal customers within this segment, it was our objective to come up with a solution that would answer their pain points. The partnership with Mobilicom enables us to successfully address these unmet needs and offer them two groundbreaking products”, stated Joe Schamuhn, CEO of Yuneec Europe.

High End Security & Interference Avoidance

The Commercial & Federal drone solutions will provide a highly secure offering that includes High-End validated encryption, Dedicated and ISM Frequency Bands, Software Defined Radio or LTE + Secured Server Data Links and ISM jamming resistance. Both sUAS also mitigate backdoor cyber risks that are of high concern by Federal organizations in leading Western countries.

Flexible End-to-End Solution & Connectivity

Furthermore, the sUAS offer a complete solution with add-ons for teams on land and sea including flexible payloads as well as optional capabilities such as RTK/PPK precision, networking, relay and more.

A Reliable & Cost-Effective Solution

Yuneec’s drone systems have been commercially proven for years and successfully sold in the masses. The joint solutions will prove cost-effective while providing the Commercial & Federal market with the necessary features in order to execute its operations.

Mobilicom’s CEO, Oren Elkayam, commented: “SkyHopper brings a high-end, End-to-End solution for the government, federal and commercial market, embedded into Yuneec’s mass marketed proven commercial drone system. This offering serves as an unmatchable, cost-effective drone solution for the Commercial and Federal market.”

Further details and specifications of the solutions will be announced shortly.

About Mobilicom

Mobilicom Ltd. designs, develops and delivers holistic communication solutions for mission critical and remote mobile private networks without the need for any infrastructure. Mobilicom’s products and technologies are based on an innovative approach that merges 4G and Mobile MESH technologies. With versatile network topologies, Mobilicom has a large solution portfolio with deployments worldwide. It is comprised of two business entities:

Mobilicom – For the Government & Enterprise sector. It offers holistic solutions and equipment that cater to mission-critical communication, with applications in Unmanned Platforms; Disaster Relief & Public Safety; and Offshore & Remote Areas.

SkyHopper – For the Commercial & Industrial Drone & Robotics market. SkyHopper offers a holistic approach that consists of end-to-end equipment, including communication data links, video processing & analytics, viewing and controlling systems as well as integration and support services.