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H520 Software Update: 1.8.0-1.6.5

By March 11, 2019January 13th, 2021No Comments

We would like to inform you about the latest software update for the H520 hexacopter. Please notice the following change log:


  • Landing gear state is now recorded in the log
  • Takeoff without GPS is only allowed in indoor mode
  • RC loss alarm added for when RC signal is lost after flying, but the drone is still powered
  • Minimum effective altitude for sonar-based sense&stop from 1.5m to 2m
  • New tune for low-battery warning
  • Track ROI with gimbal alone, while the drone’s orientation remains constant
  • Increased maximum allowed distance to 1st mission waypoint from 900m to 400m
  • Increase return to ground control station safety distance from 3m to 5m
  • Fixed direction the drone faces when flying a survey after flying ROI mission
  • Prevent old ROI settings from interfering with follow-up missions
  • Don’t run motor-check when HITL simulation is enabled
  • Fixed incorrect flight mode on drone bootup
  • Fixed gimbal-jitteriness very close (centimeter range) to ROI points
  • Fixed pauses at the end of tunes, improving low battery and error tunes playback
  • Fixed landing gear not always lowering with option “RTL to GCS” enabled
  • Fixed eccentric camera pitching while ROI is active and mitigated yaw stabilization issues of the Gimbal in ROI missions
  • Prevent landing gear from rising during compass calibration when toggling the gear
  • Force landing gear to keep its current state during takeoff


  • New mission types: Structure Scan & Corridor Scan
  • New checkbox visuals
  • Warn user with vehicle is in HITL mode
  • Parameter descriptions updated
  • Enable USB (Serial) for desktop builds
  • Pronunciation of low battery messages in DataPilot
  • UI issue with RTL to Takeoff Position/GCS
  • Issue with camera not showing up
  • Corrected E10T focal length value which is used for computing survey missions
  • Fixed corner-case where upgrade process can get stuck
  • Fixed missing photos in panorama mode
  • Added support for thermal image dewarp, off by default
  • Fixed update stuck on green LED

Latest versions:
AutoPilot: 1.8.0-1.6.5
DataPilot Mac:
DataPilot Windows:
E90: 1.0.61
E10T: 0.2.21