Information about flying the drone safely

About Safe Flying

Safe flying is fun flying. Our aerial cameras have special built-in safety features to protect you and others. Below you will find helpful tips and information on the product safety features and useful resources to help you get started with the first steps with our drones. Always fly safely, be respectful of the privacy of others, and have fun!

Flight planning

Yuneec drones are pre-programmed to prevent flying in national aviation authority designated no-fly zones or at heights above 122 m. There are lots of great places to fly, but there are some restrictions. Make sure that you are aware of local regulations and permits before you fly! Always choose a wide-open area for every flight, well away from people and property. Never fly directly over people or animals!

Fly in an Open Area

Always choose a wide open area for every flight, well away from people and property. Never fly directly over people or animals.

Inspect Your Aircraft

Inspect your aircraft for damage and wear to ensure that your aircraft is ready for flight.

Charge Batteries

Flight time on a full charge is 25 minutes. Make sure batteries are charged to get the most out of every session. Batteries typically take 2 hours for a complete charge, so plan ahead.


Install propellers marked ‘A’ or ‘B’ on the corresponding rotors marked ‘A’ or ‘B’.

Check the Controller

Always turn the controller on and allow it to boot up before turning the drone on and always turn the drone off before turning off the controller.

Take Off

Maintain a 26ft (8m) distance from the aircraft when taking off and landing.

Maintain in Sight

Maintain visual contact of the aircraft at all times. Yuneec drones limit the distance you can fly the drone away from controller to ensure you maintain suitable control.

Flight Height Limit

Per the FAA requirement, please do not attempt to fly your drone higher than 400ft.

Always in Control

Keep your hands on the flight controls to ensure controlled flight.

No Drugs or Alcohol

Do not fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Respect Privacy

Be respectful of the space and privacy of others.