Dual Thermal & RGB with hi-res FLIR sensor

Unlimited gimbal rotation

*Use with the H520E is 330°

3-axis gimbal
Remote camera settings
Low distortion lens
Thermal Imaging
Night vision capability

High-resolution Dual Camera

The E10T/X with FLIR® boson sensor for the H520 Hexacopter is a stabilised 3-axis gimbal, thermal imaging and residual light camera all-in-one. The E10T/X is available with a 320*256-pixel or as E10Tv/X with a 640*512 thermal imaging resolution. The E10T/X takes high-quality pictures and detects more details in the dark than the naked eye with the help of its large RGB sensor. Thanks to its dual video stream, you can stream the thermal and residual light image simultaneously to the remote control and then look at the image as an overlay or picture-in-picture. Furthermore, the E10T supports commercial applications such as mission planning.
E10T and E10Tv are for use with the H520, the E10TX and E10TvX are for use with the H520E or H520E-RTK.

E10T/X with H520 Hexacopter

The H520 Hexacopter was specially developed for inspection, safety, and search & rescue applications. With its multi-sensor compatibility, the H520 Hexacopter offers emergency services, firefighters, police and inspectors reliable and efficient air support in combination with the E10T/X thermal imaging and residual light camera.

Thermal Imaging Applications

When searching for people, the drone enables you to look for people very quickly from the air with the E10T/X thermal imaging camera. In case of fires, fire hot spots can be detected and allows fast and efficient countermeasure against the fire, which can save lives.

3-Axis Gimbal with 360° Rotation

H520E with /X cameras provide 330°

The E10T/X camera/gimbal combination is stabilised via 3 axes and thereby provides a still image for inspection and stable pictures. Furthermore, the gimbal can be rotated 360° and provides a full panoramic view with the retractable landing skid.

Hot swappable Cameras and Payloads

The E10T/X can be ‘hot-swapped’ and can be exchanged with any other camera/gimbal combination compatible with the H520 such as the E90 1” sensor camera or the E30Z/X zoom camera. The copter does not have to be restarted when changing the camera systems and prevents any forced breaks, which means that you can always work productively and effectively.