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Yuneec partners with DB2 Vision to enter into Precision Agriculture.

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Yuneec Europe has announced its big entry into the realm of Precision Agriculture.

Simultaneously with the release of the H520E, the successor to its widely acclaimed successful H520 hexacopter, Yuneec partnered with Dutch multi- and hyperspectral camera developers DB2 Vision.

Remote sensing for agriculture is a hot topic. For over a decade it has been showing great promise, but unfortunately, it was long held back by price and complexity of use. Ignited by the impressive rise of commercial drones, it is expected to remain on this rapid growth path for at least the coming decade.

UAV based multi- and hyperspectral imaging has the unique ability to pinpoint crop stress, vegetation disease and/or fertilization needs before the human eye can see it, allowing the grower to take measures during the season before it’s too late. Because of this, it is regarded as one of the major industrial development boosts in Agriculture since its mechanization in the 1950s.

Dieter Kuesel, Yuneec Europe’s business developer, said: “ The Yuneec and DB2 partnership has resulted, not only in the release of the next-generation multispectral camera fully integrated, but it has also seriously raised the standard to an entirely new affordable multispectral camera. For the price of 2,350 Euro (excl. VAT), Yuneec will offer one of the most affordable integrated professional multispectral cameras, including Adapt-2-Light irradiance sensor and custom H520 and H520E mount, for drone agriculture.”

Orders are being taken from today on with first deliveries scheduled late October 2020. Coming soon in the US through our channels.

Key Features:
  • 1 Hi-res Dual Spectral Filter Sensor and 1 Optical Path / 4 Narrow Bands in RGB-NIR / 4.1 Megapixel (1.02MP uncompressed RAW per band), guaranteeing 4 identical spectral images per capture
  • Full image calibration through the DB2 Adapt-2-Light®  R-G-B-NIR irradiance sensor
  • Faster multispectral image acquisition (1.5FPS)
  • IMU, GPS + Geotagging + Compass + Altimeter for exact GPS location of the target
  • Fully compatible with the most commonly used software packages (Pix4D Fields and Pix4D Mapper, Agisoft Photoscan / Metashape)
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Swappable Focal length lenses for different needs
  • Lightweight – 159gr including lens, rechargeable battery and Adapt-2-Light / GPS sensor
  • Custom H520 and H520E mount for easy attachment
About Yuneec:

At the beginning of Yuneec’s history, the aim was to promote innovation and accessibility in the aircraft industry. Yuneec has been pushing the boundaries of electronic aviation technology for over 15 years – from the first commercially successful remote-controlled “Ready To Fly” fixed-wing aircraft to ground-breaking electric aircraft and the new generation of hexacopters with video cameras.

Further information about our YCAP Program

About DB2:

Founded in the Netherlands in 2016, DB2 Vision’s three founding members are long time specialists in special imaging and hybrid sensor design and development. Upon establishment, DB2 had set its goal to develop a way to spectacularly overcome the2 limiting factors that have held back mass adoption of multispectral camera technology for agriculture so far: the price of the (imaging) equipment needed and the complexity of its use.

This resulted in the summer of 2019 release of LaQuinta. It is the first of its kind: a single sensor, single optical path, high resolution 4 narrow-band multispectral UAV and ground vehicle crop sensor for Precision Agriculture. It is simply the most fully-featured, yet lowest cost Multispectral AG-Tech camera in the world. It houses all necessary hybrid sensor technology (GPS, Irradiance sensor, IMU, Altimeter and internal battery) around the camera and is multi-compatible with widely used software.

Team Yuneec Europe