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Yuneec and Leica Camera AG announce long-term technology partnership

By September 26, 2019January 13th, 2021No Comments

Yuneec and Leica Camera AG announced the beginning of a strategic partnership today. The first result of this collaboration was presented today in the form of the Typhoon H3 with ION L1 Pro camera. It is a drone equipped with a high-end 1” sensor camera that was specially developed for sophisticated aerial photography and, thanks to Leica photo-engineering technology, also meets the highest standards of quality. Both the software and the hardware of the ION L1 Pro camera were developed in collaboration with Leica engineers, which means the device is characterized by its outstanding image quality, intuitive operation that is typical of Leica, professional image-processing options and the iconic Leica industrial design. The partnership between Yuneec and Leica Camera sees two renowned global brands pooling their strengths and values. Together, they combine prize-winning technology with excellent camera technology as well as optical expertise and have thus created a precision tool for photographers and filmmakers who want to see the world from new angles.

For over 100 years, Leica has stood for quality, precision, exceptional imaging performance as well as iconic design, and therefore delighted not only the pioneers of photography, but also countless photographers who treasure the properties of Leica until this day. “Within the framework of the strategic partnership with Yuneec, Leica can concentrate on the most important thing – its core competence in optics and digital imaging – and, at the same time, position itself in a highly innovative and attractive business sector. This commitment will enable photographers all over the world to experience Leica photography from completely new perspectives,” says Matthias Harsch, Chief Executive Officer of Leica Camera AG.

Yuneec is one of the world’s largest drone manufacturers and represents safety, easy operation and transparent open-source architecture. Its passion for innovation is deeply rooted in the company and is reflected in hundreds of patents.

“The Typhoon H3 with ION L1 Pro camera merges art and technology, craft and modernity in a unique manner and, in doing so, takes our aerial photography to dizzy new heights. This symbiosis makes it possible to take unique aerial photographs from unlimited angles that are so breathtaking, they not only reflect the creativity of each and every photographer and filmmaker, but also constantly push them to achieve more. In the partnership between Yuneec and Leica, the focus is on the photographer and their artistic vision. This manifests itself in our first jointly developed product, which will soon be released as a perfectly matched tool that meets the highest quality standards,” explains Wenyan Jiang, Founder & Chairwoman of Yuneec International.

The components of the H3 and the ION L1 Pro camera are precisely calibrated with one another and make it possible to take highly detailed, brilliant pictures from the air with the legendary Leica look. The technical versatility of the camera offers a wide range of options – from automatic exposure bracketing and semi-automatic through to wide dynamic range. Furthermore, a specific ADOBE RAW profile makes for an easier workflow in post-processing using Lightroom or Photoshop. On top of this, the imaging modes by Leica have been optimized and calibrated in such as a way that the ION L1 Pro achieves exceptional imaging performance in terms of vibrancy, contrast and resolution.

The high-end 1” sensor camera is carried by the recently developed Typhoon H3, a particularly reliable, high-performance and safe multicopter which, alongside several intelligent recording modes such as Follow Me, Orbit, Journey, or Curve Cable Cam, also boasts extensive safety features. One special feature of the copter is its 5-rotor mode, which is automatically activated in the event of damage or failure of a rotor, and also allows the Typhoon H3 to continue flying and land safely with just five rotors. This is complemented by further safety features such as a redundant control signal, a Return Home & Failsafe function as well as an adjustable virtual fence. Integrated ultrasound sensors help the drone recognize obstacles and stop before hitting them. The propellers of the copter are quick and easy to mount thanks to the quick-release mechanism and turn the H3 into a flexible tripod that is ready to fly in no time at all. The battery can be changed and re-charged and enables roughly 25 minutes of flight per charge.

The Typhoon H3 with ION L1 Pro camera is controlled using an Android-based ST16S remote control, which has a built-in 7” display and reproduces the live image via video downlink in 720p HD. The live image of the camera can also be transferred to an external monitor as desired using an HDMI port on the remote control.

Communication between the Typhoon H3 and ST16S remote control only takes place directly, so that there is no chance of undesired data transfer to third-party servers.

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