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Yuneec and Foxfury Lighting Partnership

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May 24, 2021, YUNEEC International with ATL Americas (Santa Clara, CA.) and FoxFury Lighting Solutions (Oceanside, CA.) are pleased to announce its partnership, adding Foxfury powerful light systems to the Yuneec flagship H520, H520E, and H520E-RTK unmanned aerial vehicles for night missions.

The Yuneec H520/H520E/RTK Hexacopters provide the best stability in winds up to 45 mph, and reliability as both manual and autonomous missions are completed even with the loss of one motor. Coupled with actual Plug’n’Play payloads without the use of tools, the H520E offers 1″ SONY Sensor camera, FLIR® Boson Thermal cameras, up to 30x optical camera, and various other cameras. This allows the H520E platform to work when you do and for a single investment.

“The H520/H520E is in use by police departments across the US, as are FoxFury Light solutions, and we are excited to have partnered. Now coupled with Foxfury the H520E is well suited for many public safety missions at night.”, said Phil Mann, General Manager ATL Americas.

FoxFury light systems are well suited for air and ground missions and specially designed to be portable in the air and ground, serving public safety and construction worldwide.

About YUNEEC and ATL Americas

YUNEEC International is an ATL Global company focused on unmanned aerial vehicles, technology, and software. ATL Americas is based in California and provides all of YUNEEC’s commercial and ODM solutions for the Americas markets ranging from public safety, inspections, mapping, agriculture, and smart cities. Working with partners such as FLIR®, YUNEEC solutions include its flagship H520E hexacopter delivering best-in-class stability and reliability. Coupled with an array of Plug’n’Play cameras, this UAV serves almost all job types and ready to work when you do. Please read about us at or

About FoxFury

FoxFury Lighting Solutions has been providing industry-leading safety products worldwide for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, government entities, and industrial companies since 2003. The FoxFury line of products focuses on durability and speed, providing unique solutions and possibilities for situations where seconds count and the job needs to be done correctly the first time. Visit for more information.