Kitesurfer Marian Hund

Training analysis with H520

Marian Hund is a kite athlete from Hamburg, Germany. He successfully uses the YUNEEC H520 with an E90 camera and other Yuneec drones for photo and video shoots during his practice sessions. The H520 with E90 camera is the perfect copter for him, because of its reliability and outstanding camera quality. Marian Hund has been working with Yuneec products for his video production for several years. Starting with the Q500, he also uses other Yuneec products like the Typhoon H Plus or Tornado H920. Since he is traveling a lot, his aerial camera must be a reliable tool. And that’s what the H520 is all about: Unpack, start and capture the perfect moment.

The E90 camera, with its 20MP 1-inch sensor and the latest H2 high-speed image processing chip, provides Marian a quality that can easily match his professional cameras on the ground. As a Kite-Surfer, he’s also regularly exposed to wind and weather. The H520 has mastered every wind so far, even storms with wind speeds of up to 34 mph were no problem. The H520’s flight time of up to 25 minutes is also a big positive for him. That’s a significant stress reduction for Marian during the flight “when I’m not constantly thinking about a landing pad.”

The professional H520 provides Marian with a safe and extremely reliable Hexacopter system with long flight times and a proven and reliable technology.