Hexacopter For Professional Use

5 rotor fail-safe
3 axis gimbal
Up to 65 minutes of flight time*

* Based on payload weight

Hot swappable cameras
Integrated 7” touch screen
Remote camera settings
DataPilotTM mission planner
Radio communications stating 15 km range

Built for professional use
Mapping, Surveying, Inspection, Safety & Rescue

The H850 was developed for professional use and, with its hexacopter design and a flight time of up to 65 minutes, is suitable for more extended operations.
Even in high-wind environments, the H850 can hold the position, allowing the drone to fly even when a manned operation would be deemed unsafe. It enables the inspection of hard-to-reach places, performing both horizontal or vertical flight paths easily.

Secure data from a reliable platform

Only you have access to your data!
While you can see the images in your T-ONE controller, your pictures/videos/data are always stored on the local SD card. There is no involuntary data transfer to anywhere else in the world. Neither flight data nor images, videos or log files are forwarded to external servers and remain in your possession. Thus, your data is optimally protected.

With the ability to fly even after the failure of one engine, and the redundant IMUs, compasses and barometers, the H850 is prepared to deliver the data you need in a reliable manner.

Flexible Payload Options

All of our H850 payloads are hot-swappable, allowing for significant timesaving and maximizing the flight time during the operation.
The dual bottom and single upward gimbal capacity allows the usage of up to three payloads at the same time with individual control through the transmitter.
With a limit of 3kg payload weight, the H850 is able to attain an impressive payload-to-aircraft weight ratio.
With a proven storage solution, every payload employs an SD Card to store any data collected. Whether it’s thermal imaging, optical zoom, or wide focal-length, memory cards may be swapped from device to device.

The external input/output ports available ensure that future payloads will be compatible with the platform, enhancing the value over time of the system.

Adapted payloads – find the solution to your requirements

We provide several solutions to the industry.
Mapping & surveying like buildings, terrains, we have LiDAR, oblique and high-resolution cameras.
For precision agriculture we offer a multispectral camera.

The SAR device will support the transport and delivery of items like rescue kits to a specific spot.
Rescue missions will benefit from our spotlight, speaker, and thermal cameras.
Our range of payloads covers most of the requirements!