Hamburg Fire Fighters

Rescue operations with Yuneec H520

Fire departments have recognized the complex application areas of drones and are already increasingly focusing on the use of UAVs in firefighting, people search and more. The fire department in Hamburg became aware of the new technology and wondered which possibilities it has for them.

In May 2018, YUNEEC provided them an H520 with CGOET thermal imaging camera to test the system under real-world conditions. Employees of the fire brigade, who had volunteered as pilots, were able to deal intensively with the aircraft and in addition to various training flights also participate in real operations.

The aim was to use the drone in the widest possible range of applications to get an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses under various conditions. Therefore, the drone was used for fire fighting and people search cases as well as for property planning and monitoring of major events.

The use of the H520 with CGOET has proven to be particularly effective in fires, as the thermal imaging camera was able to quickly and efficiently identify hotspots. The drone is therefore a great addition to existing options and does not require the expensive use of a police helicopter. Particularly noteworthy, according to the Hamburg Fire Department, is the easy operation of the drone, the thermal image evaluation and the good price / performance ratio of the complete system.