Alexander Ahrenhold

Use of H520 for forestry

Alexander Ahrenhold is a forester and nature photographer who successfully uses YUNEEC products for his work and his hobby. From Typhoon H to H920 – Alexander is working with Yuneec products for several years now. Currently, he is using the YUNEEC H520 with an E90 or CGOET camera because of its reliability, the swappable camera systems, and the eye-catching color. Alexander must be able to fly, regardless of weather conditions, and the YUNEEC H520 enables him to do just that. Thanks to the pre-installed mission planning software, he can plan flight routes before the actual flight and repeat them with the push of a button.

For Alexander, it is essential that the drone system is compact and that all its components come from a single source. Using his YUNEEC H520 system, there is no need for communication between different manufacturers of individual components in terms of questions or needed assistance.

When working in the forest, Alex encounters areas that are difficult to access due to falling rocks or branches. Also, paths often can’t be passed due to already fallen trees. With the H520, damages can be examined quick and safe from the sky. Being able to inspect these damages remotely also enables the rapid planning of further steps such as the removal of fallen trees by machines and men.

Even in the forest, some areas and clearings need trimming and maintaining. Animals, especially fawns, are hiding in the grass. With the help of a drone with a thermal imaging camera, they can be detected and rescued before the mowing process.

Transplanting in Spring provides an additional application for Alexander’s H520. Animals very often eat new sprouts. With the H520, Alexander can look for animals, without causing uproar and stress to them.